A Piece of Craftsmanship

A Piece of Craftsmanship

Pasadena, CA

Doy L CruzProject Lead
Brian AsisProject Designer
Glen Charles S SalcedoPrincipal in Charge

The Story

This home was in need of a major exterior remodel. Located in a landmark district of Pasadena, this home carried historic value that the city was pushing to have us bring back. This property was an original 1920s craftsman style home that had lost much of its original detailing over the years.

A lot of historical photo research was done so that we could bring this home back to its original glory. We redesigned the walls and siding so that they taper the same way that they did in the original architecture. We included authentic venting for the attic that creates a grid pattern at the front of the home. The front porch was replaced with a true craftsman style porch, this porch represented the ‘Americana’ lifestyle of being able to sit on your porch and enjoy the nice California weather. Many people removed these porches or enclosed them, effectively ruining the original period architecture. For the colors, we sourced the original Sherwin Williams catalog to find the correct shades of green for that period seen on the exterior. The city pushed for us to include even more of the original detailing all the way down to the downspouts and gutters, all of which were finished in copper so that it would turn green to match the home over time. All in all our renovations brought the craftsman style home back to its original glory and was happily approved by the city after a year of processing.