IDr. Ayra Czarina F. Chua, P.I.I.D

IDr. Ayra Czarina F. Chua, P.I.I.D

Managing Director-Manila

Senior Associate

Arya Czarina F. Chua is a talented and driven professional interior designer who is recognized for her attention to detail and creative approach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from the Philippine School of Interior Design, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with a Professional Certificate in Industrial Economics Program from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, she has been a licensed interior designer associated with the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers since 2013, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise to her projects. Arya's educational background serves as a strong foundation for her exceptional skills in the field.

Arya's professional journey began at Mobelwerke, Inc., where she worked as a Sales Designer. During her tenure, she received comprehensive training under Asian representatives of renowned furniture brands and provided exceptional sales and design services to clients. She often found herself presenting floor plans, implementing visual merchandising displays, and interfacing with clients regularly.

Building on her expertise, Arya joined Nomad Lifestyle, Inc. as a Senior Interior Designer. In this role, she successfully managed a wide variety of projects, ranging from commercial to residential spaces. Arya demonstrated strong leadership skills by managing junior and assistant designers while overseeing the development of interior design concepts. She and her team would also be responsible for preparing working drawings and documents necessary for the construction process.

Arya has also worked as Principal Interior Designer and Project Manager at Collative Lifestyle, Inc. , she has been instrumental in planning, designing, and furnishing unique residential and commercial properties. By understanding her clients' requirements, budget constraints, and desired timelines, Arya developed custom proposals and oversaw design projects produced by her team. She kept a keen eye on industry trends and changing styles to ensure her designs remained fresh and innovative. Arya's dedication to delivering high-quality results extended to supervising the construction process and furniture installation. Through effective networking, marketing strategies, and client referrals, she helped to generate new business opportunities.

Arya Czarina F. Chua's exceptional talents and dedication make her a valuable asset to us at G. Charles Design. With her impressive skills, meticulous attention to detail, and expertise in managing projects, Arya consistently delivers results that surpass expectations.