Roxana Molina de Salcedo

Roxana Molina de Salcedo

Project Manager

Roxana Molina De Salcedo is a seasoned architect with a down-to-earth approach and a strong track record in the field. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture-Environmental Design from the University of California Berkeley in 1996. Her career journey reflects a commitment to practical design and effective project management, making her an asset to G Charles Design.

Throughout her career, Roxana has worked as a senior job captain and project manager, focusing on bringing architectural visions to life. Her motivation stems from the joy of seeing projects evolve from early sketches to completed structures. This hands-on involvement is what makes her truly passionate about her work.

With over two decades at Leo A. Daly Architects Inc. in Los Angeles, Roxana made a notable impact. Her approach is straightforward yet effective, as seen in her role as the LEED Coordinator for the Harbor College Physical Education Wellness Center, which successfully achieved LEED Certification. Roxana's contributions to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital on the West Los Angeles Campus involved renovating and expanding existing structures, showcasing her practical design skills.

Roxana has a diverse portfolio that speaks to her adaptability and expertise. She led projects like the Athens Sheriff’s Station, where her technical drawings and coordination skills were crucial. Her time at HKS Architects Inc. and Gruen Associates added depth to her experience, particularly in her role as a Job Captain. Projects like the Hollywood Bowl rehabilitation and the El Paseo Simi retail and restaurant center highlight her ability to work on a variety of scales.

In addition to her architectural skills, Roxana is also bilingual, knowing both English and Spanish. This is an extraordinary asset in collaborating with diverse teams and clients. She's also shown leadership qualities, effectively managing small teams and fostering collaboration. Beyond her professional achievements, Roxana is also a supportive partner as the wife of our Principal Architect Glen C. Salcedo. Their partnership not only enriches their personal lives but also adds value to the architectural work they do.

In essence, Roxana Molina De Salcedo's career is characterized by practicality, dedication, and a hands-on approach to architecture. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity with project management has consistently yielded successful results. As she continues to influence the architectural landscape, Roxana's emphasis on practical design and effective collaboration serves as an example for aspiring architects.