Kristoffer Jake Yalong

Kristoffer Jake Yalong

Structural Design Lead

Kristoffer Jake Yalong is a dedicated and accomplished structural engineer with a wealth of experience in the field of civil engineering. Born with a passion for designing and constructing buildings, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise and commitment throughout his professional career.

Jake began his journey in the industry after completing his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila and quickly immersed himself in various roles. He began his journey as a licensed Structural Engineer at Al Abbar Aluminium in Dubai, contributing to prestigious projects like the Gold and Silver Tower & the Burj Dubai Podium. Additionally, he gained valuable experience at Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings, contributing to mass housing projects aimed at providing affordable homes for lower and middle-class families.

Later, he joined ALT Cladding, where he excelled in optimizing the structural design of facades and provided valuable advice to ensure their functionality and aesthetics.

Jake's expertise expanded further at Alu Nasa Asia Pacific and Alumco Façade Specialist, where he worked as a Structural Engineer responsible for curtainwall projects in Qatar and Dubai. His skills were in high demand, and he collaborated closely with design teams, offering structural calculations and guidance.

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, Jake also embarked on self-employment for a brief period, providing freelance calculations to colleagues and establishing a small design and construction firm in the Philippines.

As his career progressed, Jake ventured into the residential sector, moving all the way to the U.S. to work with an architecture design firm as a Junior Structural Engineer. Jake developed an extensive understanding of wood frame construction techniques for remodels, additions, and ADUs. His role included conducting structural observations, preparing calculations, drawings, and attending plan check verification meetings.

Throughout his career, Jake has consistently demonstrated his technical expertise and a keen eye for detail, making valuable contributions to the architectural and structural aspects of numerous projects. His experiences in different countries and sectors have shaped him into a well-rounded professional with a deep understanding of structural engineering principles.

In his free time, Jake enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and listening to music, which provide him with a well-deserved break from his professional endeavors.

Kristoffer Jake Yalong's career in structural engineering is a testament to his unwavering dedication, technical proficiency, and passion for his field. With his vast experience and broad skill set, he continues to contribute to the development of robust and sustainable structures that shape the built environment. It’s his wealth of experience and technical knowledge that makes Jake an incredibly valuable asset at G. Charles Design.