Chi Espenida

Chi Espenida

Project Lead

Chi Florita Mariachi Espenida, or simply "Chi," is a seasoned architect and interior designer with a solid background in various aspects of the design and construction industry. Her journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Technological Institute of the Philippines, which laid the foundation for her impressive career spanning more than two decades.

Throughout her career, Chi has embraced opportunities to enhance her craft. Her tenure at Kingsmen Creative Centre allowed her to contribute to the design and production of retail environments, a testament to her versatility. As an Assistant Architect at Atelier East Architecture and Interior Design, Chi played a pivotal role in contributing to concept design for residential and condominium refurbishments.

Chi's expertise shines through her practical experience across different roles and firms. Her time at NTR Consultants Inc. as a Job Captain involved hands-on tasks like on-site measurements, documentation, and navigating permit processes for a variety of residential projects. She showcased her understanding of the California Building Code, ensuring projects met safety and regulatory standards.

Chi's international exposure includes positions at esteemed design firms like James Park Associates and Wilson Associates. Her work with James Park Associates saw her contributing to interior finishes and architectural construction documents for renowned hotels and resorts. Her stint at Wilson Associates focused on luxury interiors for various establishments, demonstrating her ability to elevate the ambiance of spaces.

Beyond her professional achievements, Chi is a licensed architect recognized by the Philippine Regulation Commission since 1999. This achievement underscores her commitment to upholding industry standards and delivering high-quality work. As a native born Filipina, Chi also speaks both Tagalog and English. Her wealth of international experience makes her an invaluable addition to G Charles Design

Chi Espenida's career journey is marked by practicality, skill, and a strong commitment to improving the built environment. As both an architect and interior designer, her contributions consistently enhance the functionality and visual appeal of spaces, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her profession.